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Buckle up and swing like you mean it with The Love Swing, a fully adjustable, door fastening sex sling, and experience passionate lovemaking in a whole new way!

Our amazing Love Swing is a fully-functioning sex swing that features foot stirrups and easy-grip velvet feel handles.  
This versatile swing simply fastens to any closed door by way of two anchors which slip over the top of the door before closing and allow the wearer to hang by the feet or thighs whilst grabbing the straps in either a forward or rear facing direction. 
Heavy duty webbed nylon and velvet grips and stirrups allow you and your partner to enjoy vigorous and exciting, yet comfortable new sexual positions like never before! 

The straps are extra wide allowing good leverage and positioning of your partner in various ways and are all adjustable to allow for any height. 
What's going on behind your door???

Product Features; 

  • Made from sturdy velvet and nylon materials.
  • Adjustable straps to suit most heights.
  • Dream up a ton of new and exciting positions!
  • Soft grips allow for comfort during sex.
  • Fastens to almost any closed door quickly and easily.

Discreet Delivery Guaranteed

We are committed to ensuring you can order from us confidently, which is why our all of our packages and parcels are discreetly packaged with NO marketing or branding materials stating where your product has come from.

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