About Luvvibes

At Luvvibes we are committed to selling amazing quality Sex Toys at fantastic affordable prices. Our aim is to make people aware that buying Sex Toys should not be an expensive hobby - Nor should it be a hobby that people shy away from.

We Aim to guide singletons and couples to a more sexual and healthier lifestyle and making Sex, Masturbation & Foreplay just as important as your weekly food shop. But obviously a little more exciting than that!

We have a wide Range of Sex Toys and Bondage Gear to suit everybody’s sexual desires and fantasies - and we are more than positive that if you try something new you will not be disappointed with the price and quality that we offer.

The Luvvibes aim is to bring out the good vibes in everyone, making your sex life and orgasms a more colourful place. Not only are we offering some of the best Sex Toys on the market but we also have expert advise on Whats New, Couples, Bondage and our favourite, Sex Positions.

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