Luvvibes Furry Hand Cuffs




Furry handcuffs are the must-have kinky bedroom item for both bondage beginners and aficionados alike, the gorgeous Soft 'n' Wild furry handcuffs will keep your lover bonded in both style and comfort for you to have your way with them! 
These faux fur lined cuffs come in two colours, purple and pink and also come complete with two keys and a quick release feature. Of course, the cuffs may OFFER quick release, but you don't have to release them that quick!  
Finally the cuffs are joined by a long sleek looking chain which offers just a little more movement to your victim than regular short link cuffs.





  • Stainless steel cuffs covered in soft faux fur.
  • Two colours available.
  • Cuff diameter 3 inches.
  • Long chain to keep your lover bound with a little more movement than regular cuffs.
  • Comes with two keys and quick release feature.

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