Spark Your Imagination With the Best Sex Toys for Couples


Couples sex toys can be a brilliant way to spark your imagination and explore new sides to your personalities.

Couples can have twice the fun when using one of our vibrating toys to maximise their pleasure and orgasms can be twice as intense.

If you often struggle to reach orgasm during penetrative sex, our sex toys could make all the difference to your experience. They’re also ideal for people who want to shake up their experience and enjoy greater depths of pleasure.

Luvvibes have many sex toys that are ideal for couples, including toys which are designed especially for men and toys designed for women.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy more intense orgasms or have always fantasised about taking control with a strap-on, Luvvibes offer highly affordable prices for all our products.

Many of our toys are made of the highest quality silicone, which is extremely soft and will glide smoothly on the skin. Perfect for any naughty occasion, they’re guaranteed to improve things in the bedroom.

Whether you’re going solo or coupled up, check out our sex toys today.

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