8 Sex Toy Facts You Never Knew You Wanted To Know


Sex toys are an everyday part of relationships these days, gone are the days of hiding your pleasure pieces under the bed or in the bedside cabinet. We all love to gossip about them, but here are some little-know trivia tidbits that you never knew you wanted to know all about the beloved sex toy!

1. Dildos have been around for 1000's of years, the oldest recorded dildo unearthed in a German cave, is estimated to be at least 30,000 years old and made from highly polished siltstone.

2. The first recorded dildos were made of stone, tar, wood and other materials that could be shaped as penises and that were firm enough to be used as penetrative sex toys.

3. Dildo-like breadsticks, known as olisbokollikes existed in Ancient Greece prior to the 5th century BC. While Chinese women in the 15th century used dildos made of lacquered wood with textured surfaces.

4. Butt plugs too have been around since Victorian times when Dr Frank E. Young created a medical device which was sold in the US from the early 1900's to the early 1940s. Eventually his customers figured out a sexual use for the dilators and commercial butt plugs have existed ever since.

5. If you live in the state of Alabama in the US and you want to buy yourself a vibrator - DON'T. The state holds an Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act  which went into effect in 1998 and which is a statute that criminalises the sale of vibrators, dildos and other sex toys.

6. Recent studies show that those women who use sex toys tend to be more consistent with getting pelvic exams and caring about their vaginal health.

7. At LuvVibes we specialise in excellent value for money, and of course more bang for your buck! However, There are much pricier options available out there, and the most expensive sex toy available for sale anywhere in the world is a platinum vibrator called the Pearl Royal, covered in 1000 white and pink sapphires, pearls, and diamonds which costs a mere $1,000,000.

8. In the early 1980's in was illegal to manufacture sex toys in Japan, to get around this problem, a factory working for US retailer Vibratex, started to make brightly coloured vibrators with dual actions, in the shape of popular animals, such as the rabbit... and thus was born the infamous Rampant Rabbit... the rest, as they say, is history.

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