One Night Stand Expectations – To Not? Or Make It Hot?


How to Have No Strings Attached Fun with a One Night Stand

Ah, the infamous one night stand!  One night stands can be absolutely awesome or a complete disaster.  The first, and probably most important thing to remember, is that you’re committing to sex and nothing else.  If the relationship progresses into friends with benefits or even a relationship that’s great!  But don’t go into a situation like this expecting to meet your future spouse.  A one night stand is just for fun.

And they can be A LOT of fun!


First Rule – Be Prepared

First off, be prepared.  Any time you meet up with a stranger and decide to go home with them (or take them home) you want to be safe.  Let someone you trust know where you are and what you’re doing – Just a quick phone call or a text message will do.  Give them a time that you’ll check in and if you don’t text/call they’ll know you might be in trouble.

We also recommend avoiding any bondage play with a stranger as you don’t know for sure if you can trust them yet.  And always have a condom in your purse or your wallet.  Practice safe sex!  You should always have your own car with you, or have another form of transport ready to go – such as a taxi number or Uber. This way you don’t have to depend on anyone for a ride if you decide you want to leave.


Second Rule – Have Fun!

Now for the fun stuff!  A one night stand can be a great way to explore your sexuality without feeling embarrassed.  For example, maybe you have a kink you’ve been wanting to try, but would be embarrassed bringing up in front of a serious partner or other friends with benefits.  This can be the perfect opportunity! If your one night stand judges you…who cares?  You never have to see them again!  Same goes for using sex toys, just make sure both parties are down first!

Get-to-know-you games can also be really hot.  Ask your partner a question about yourself and make them guess what the answer is.  For every wrong answer they must give you a kiss…after 5 wrong answers they have to start foreplay, and so on and so forth.


Who’s Up for Round 2?

It’s totally your decision if you want to stay the night after your one night stand.  If you do, you can have some more no-strings-attached fun in the morning!  If you’re not sure about all that, feel free to dip out after you get off.

In the case that you two end up liking each other you can always exchange numbers for more hot sex in the future.  But the best part?  You don’t have to! It’s a one night stand!


Are One Night Stands for you?

Having said all of this, you need to know yourself properly in order to have a one-night-stand without any negative repercussions. Do you get really attached to anyone you sleep with? If so, maybe one night stands aren’t for you.

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