LuvVibes 7 Day Sex Challenge


With everything else going on in life, we can’t forget that being intimate with your Partner is just as crucial! A healthy sexual relationship is a vital part of any relationship and it should not be ignored just because you are busy. Here at LuvVibes we have created a 7 day sex challenge which will ignite that sexy spark between you and your loved one and remind yourselves that being sexy isn’t just for the bedroom.

Day 1: Send each other a kinky text/email.

Whether you are both at work, at home or on day out apart send each other a not so typical text/email that will make your partner blush and look over their shoulder to make sure no one is looking. Describe to them what you are going to do to them later that evening. This will make you both excited and ready to get to action the second you see one another.

Day 2: Have/Give a massage.

We’re hoping you had a saucy day 1 and to help relax and unwind from a busy day and night before we suggest you both give each other a massage. Gather the massage oils and give your partner a very sexy massage – cover them in oils or lotions and make sure to not miss a spot, who knows where the night might go once your hands are all over each other.

Day 3: Give your partner a peep show.

If it’s a busy morning of getting ready for work – tease each other by strutting about in your underwear, or better yet strut around naked. The idea of quickie may be appealing but being late for work may not, so resist the temptations. It will make the evening a lot more exciting when you can’t wait to take each other’s clothes off again.

Day 4: Introduce a new position.

Try a new sex position and skip the whole repetitive boring stuff that you do over and over again. Research what suits you and give it a go – this will definitely spice things up in the bedroom whether your into slow and steady or fast and furious, find something that suits you both.

Day 5: Get out of the bedroom and find a new spot.

We all know our safe haven for having sex is under the duvet in our bedrooms, which is nice and perfect, But why not spice it up a little and get kinky in another part of your home (or if you’re really adventurous why not head outside somewhere which isn’t deemed illegal). Sometimes finding a new Luv spot can help make things feel more comfortable and relaxed in your relationship.

Day 6: Slip into something more “comfortable”.

We’ve all heard this one in the movies – although it’s not just for the movies, sexy lingerie on both people (Yes men also) is very sexy and can help steam up any situation quite quickly. Having a sexy outfit in the bedroom can also introduce a little role play, another way of spicing it up.

Day 7: Have a steamy shower or bath together.

Finish your 7 day challenge with a nice hot steamy shower or bath together.  If sex doesn’t work due to practical reasons, maybe a bit of foreplay will be perfect whilst you lather each other in bubbles and kisses – this will relax all of your muscles and any tense feelings you may have leaving you relaxed and excited for the adventures in the bedroom.

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