How To Spice Up Your Life with Sex Toys


Many people – both men and woman, consider sex toys something of a taboo. With the perception that these toys are designed to make up the shortcomings of their skills the bedroom, and give their partners that good time that you might fall short on delivering  –actually, they are so very wrong!


Sex Toys – Perfect Accessories to Liven up Your Sex Life 

To start with, sex toys serve many different purposes, irrespective of whether you have a partner or want to have some solo fun. You can easily enhance your sexual life and get some added pleasure by using these unique yet effective tools. Everyone fantasizes about achieving having the best time in the sack. That special aspect of life which adds something unique to make a relationship that much more intense. However, there are occasional moments of disappointment when the excitement can fall a little short.

For instance, how many of the women you have met have got that perfect G-spot stimulation or how many of their male counterparts have been able to provide that clitoral stimulation that leaves his woman squirting like a fountain? Almost none! Here’s where the presence of sex toys makes the difference.


Popular Sex Toys to Use

Loud moans from a gal don’t always translate into a great orgasm for her because she might be simply faking it! Believe it or not, some women fake orgasm as they don’t want to make their partner feel inadequate. If you feel like your relationship needs a little oomph and satiate the extreme sexual desires of your woman - then you can start experimenting with sex toys. A variety of sex toys can be used to achieve the desired results during lovemaking in your bedchamber. Here’s a list of the most popular sex toys and their uses:



A dildo or a rabbit vibrator might come in handy if you really want to see your girl experience a real orgasm. A rabbit vibrator is a dildo designed to resemble a phallus, which comes along with clitoral stimulator protrude to nibble her clitoris as you take it back and forth into the wetness of her pink opening. Try it out, and once she tends to reach her orgasm, just withdraw it and then bring in your actual piece in to play the part – and feel the authenticity.  Expect multiple orgasms and that’s when the real climax is reached.



Getting a leather whip might sound a bit too extreme but you can always opt for a smaller and softer counterpart to up the fun quotient in your bedroom.



Don’t have to go all the way like Christian Grey does in 50 Shades of Grey but you can definitely choose some soft restraints and experiment with restraints during your lovemaking sessions!


If you get absent-minded about it all, sex can turn mundane - just like our daily lives - if we fail to introduce surprises from time to time. However, before you start using sex toys, the most important thing is to have an open discussion with your partner and respect his/her opinion. A good and healthy relationship is based on trust and respect. Toys or no-toys, you must never lose the real perspective.

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