How Menopause Can Affect Your Sex Life & What You Can Do About It


Another wonderful thing us ladies have to go through, right? None of us look forward to menopause, but it’s a part of life and it doesn’t have to ruin your sex life!

Many women experience vaginal dryness, mood changes, and weight gain during the months leading up to menopause. These changes don’t make us feel particularly sexy, do they? Not to worry! Your sex life may change a bit but it is ABSOLUTELY not over. In fact, menopause can be a great kickstart for you and your partner to try new things in bed! Don’t think of it as an end, but a chance to explore some fun things you may have never tried before!


Lube Up, Ladies & Gents!

Most of you are familiar with artificial lubrication (aka lube), but you may not be familiar with all the uses. Of course, lube will help with any vaginal dryness you experience during and after menopause. What you may not be aware of is how much fun you can have with it! Lube comes in just about every flavour you can imagine. This makes it ideal for oral sex for both men and women. It’s a great addition to foreplay you may have never tried before, and it will get you ready for penetration…if your partner can stop licking your tasty treat! Lubes also come in warming and cooling varieties which can be especially fun to explore due to the new sensations they create.

A range of durex lubricants


Toys, Toys, Toys!

Ladies… it’s time to play! Incorporating sex toys such as love eggs and vibrators to name a couple into your bedroom routine is a great way to solve some of your menopause problems. If you’ve never used a vibrator it’s high time to start! Even if you’re not having trouble with orgasms, vibrators add a whole new level of pleasure to intercourse. The great thing about vibrators is that there is such a variety. Try different sizes and shapes to see what works best for you. You can choose a one-speed or multi-speed massager. Many of these toys also have settings for different vibration patterns which can be a lot of fun! Vibrators can be used externally on your clit or internally and many are shaped in such a way that they hit your g-spot. You can control them yourself or let your partner take the wheel! Still having trouble? Your vibrator may not be strong enough. Do some research online at where a vast selection of toys is available – contact our knowledgeable staff for some further information.


Get Frisky

Another fun idea to try is bondage. You might be surprised how sexy it can be to be tied up! Even light bondage (you don’t have to go straight to whips and chains) can be extremely arousing. It creates a feeling of intimacy on a whole new level. To give up your body to your partner and let them control your pleasure can be an amazing feeling. On the flip side, you can also be in charge! Restrain your partner and do what you want! Explore each other’s bodies in ways that you never have. Try new things and see what turns you both on.


It's Just the Beginning!

Of course, these are not the only ways to continue to have a great sex life during and after menopause, but they’re a great place to start. If you find that one of these tips doesn’t work for you, don’t get frustrated! Continue to try new things. Whatever you do, don’t give up on sex. Your body is changing and you will have to adjust accordingly, but you may find you’ve opened up a whole new world of sexual pleasure as you discover new toys and games! Menopause just gives you an opportunity to open your mind and try new things. It can actually be very freeing and enlightening. If you keep a good attitude, your sex life might just be better than ever!

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