Beginners Guide To Restraints


You don't have to be into hardcore BDSM or bondage to enjoy restraints play in the bedroom. Trust and experimentation play a large part in this type of sex activity and help to not only heighten pleasure and provide unbeatable experiences, but also to increase intimacy in a relationship and bring couples closer together.

Its not all about chains and whips either, you can experiment with ropes, silks, cuffs and more to find the perfect restraining position for you and your partner. You may have already tried holding each others arms down, or perhaps bonding each other by the wrist to the bedpost but what's next?


The most obvious place to start when trying restraint play for the first time is with bondage ropes and silks. Grab a scarf or your partners work tie for added kinkiness. We recommend that you try our bright and colourful yet soft on the skin 100% Cotton Bondage Ropes at just £9.99 for 10 meters, available in four different colours and which are environmentally-friendly, while still retaining that perfect firmness and durability that you need for extended fun bondage sessions.

Perhaps you might prefer to try something a little different, such as PVC tape, which can be wrapped all around the body and is self sticking yet easy to cut through or tear off when necessary! Our Self Sticking PVC Bondage Tape is just £5.99 and comes in various colours - perfect for first time play!

After rope, scarves and tape naturally comes cuffs, and these can be found in all shapes, colours and sizes and made from a variety of material from leather to nylon and even chain. There are the regular 'Policeman' cuffs, the famously kinky furry cuffs, a softer version of the police cuffs, and thick padlock cuffs. There are cuffs for the neck, the wrists, the ankles and indeed the whole body if you so desire.

We recommend that you start off your cuff play with something like our Faux Fur Cuffs or our Black Leather Bondage Cuffs With Padlocks.

Of course there is much, much more to the world of bondage and restraints and we will cover all of this in another post! Its all great stuff and it's all to come! We just hope this little post whets your appetite a little for some 'knotty' behaviour (geddit?)!


An important rule of thumb when experimenting with bondage and restraints is always to have as set of safety rules to go by.  It's all about fun and pleasure at the end of the day, but just to be safe, here are a few basic tips to start you off.

  1. Keep a set of safety scissors (the type used to cut bandages), close by or some other type of blunt cutting instrument than will not break the skin if pushed under the tying equipment to cut it off in a hurry.
  2. Don't tie anything around the neck, it's a disaster waiting to strike! When you are more experienced then perhaps start with a neck collar, such as our Neck Collar & Nipple Clamp Set, which has nipple clamps which could be removed easily from the collar, and which is also a safe and easy introduction to neck restraining.
  3. If you decide to experiment with suspension play, then always have a safe word and emergency plan in place before you begin, it is usually far safer to cut someone down and have them fall then take too long to cut them down carefully and risk a more permanent injury or worse. 
  4. Never, ever leave a submissive who is tied up alone at any time.
  5. Never attempt to tie yourself up while alone.
  6. Never experiment with restraints when heavily intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

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