3 Reasons You Need to Orgasm Every Day


Are you lacking an orgasm in your life or just not so sure what the importance of an orgasm is?

Let us break it down for you - So, we all have our busy up and down days. We’ve got to get ready for work and school, prep lunches and dinners, commute, watch the kids all day, be at UNI. Let’s face it, everybody has their own personal type of busy.

Whatever this includes it needs to include an orgasm. FACT! Why? Well there is 3 major reasons why we at Luvvibes think your Orgasm is important you.


1. It relieves stress (We think this is the most important).

Ok, so life can be hectic and “Stressful” with a million factors as to why you feel this way.

One thing we are 100% positive about is that either having a few orgasms with your partner or yourself a day will help release endorphins (which we all know are the body’s natural opiates, designed to relieve stress and enhance pleasure).

So, at the moment of climax your worries and stresses may not be so much forgotten but looked at from a different angle therefore leaving you less stressed and content – simple.


2. Boosts your immune system.

There really is no excuse is there? We’ve all been there with the “not tonight I’m so tired” or the “I’ve got a headache”.

Well your excuses suck because one big orgasm will make you feel a million times better in a similar way it helps relieves stress.

People who have more orgasms and sex have higher levels of the antibodies that help keep your immune system skipping and happy, meaning your tired and headache excuses don’t mean squat. Or maybe you do really have that banging headache but at least you will have the best cure.

Live on the edge a little – Go have that orgasm.


3. It will make you look younger and feel more attractive.

This may sound a little farce but really, it’s true! I won’t say put away your expensive creams and drop down your makeup brushes or stop any form of your daily care routine.

What I will say is having multiple orgasms through out the week will 100% add that radiant glow to your skin.

Having orgasms helps flush the negative Cortisol from your system – in simple terms it helps flush all the “stress” and the bad hormones from your body which in a way ties in with point number 1 and 2. Getting rid of all the bad hormones will then encourage you to feel more attractive and positive about yourself, and once you start to reflect all of these positive vibes people will pick up on your flushed cheeks and glowing smile and think “wow what a beautiful person” – It’s as simple as that.


There really is no other way to put this other than if you don’t have many orgasms in your life, your health, your appearance and your mental state will forever be miserable. Go on, do something good today and treat yourself to an orgasm whether it be wit your partner or one of your favourite sex toys.


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