12 Essential Valentines Day Sex Positions


The Luvvibes Sex Positions Guide is the guide you need to help your Sex life not be the mundane chore that is required at the end of your busy working days – it should be a spontaneous thrilling activity you look forward to, be it after your busy working day or on a lazy weekend or afternoon. We have come up with some of our favourite Sex Positions we think will keep you and your partner always looking for round two. Some of our Sex Positions Guide’s are not for the faint-hearted and require some physical strength but you can’t beat a trier. Start with the simple ones and work your way up – we are positive all these sex positions will have you exploding with orgasms. Don’t forget to check out our Sex Toys or in particular our Bondage selection to add that extra little kink.



Only suitable for extremely strong and flexible men – he makes a bridge, while the woman straddles him. She can then move up and down by pushing off the floor with her feet – Not for the faint-hearted!

Afternoon Delight

 Extremely easy position for penetration while you both lay on your side. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or if you need to slow it down a bit during a long sex session.

The Shoulder Holder

The woman lies on her back with a pillow under her head and her legs straight up in the air. The man kneels to penetrate her, while gripping her legs and resting them against one of his shoulders.


The Seated Ball

This position requires quite a lot of strength and flexibility.The woman crouches down onto the man’s lap, while she controls the penetration by rocking back and forth on her heels

The Peg

While the man lays on his side, the woman curls up into a ball and with her head at his feet, she wraps her legs around his. She can then wrap her arms around the top of his legs while he penetrates her.

The Double Decker

While the man lies on his back, the woman lies on top of him with her back to him. She supports herself on her elbows, either side of the man’s waist and to help her balance she puts her feet on the man’s knees.

The Lap Top

 The woman sits on his lap and raises her legs so they are wrapped around his neck. The woman can then rock back and forth on his penis while he supports her back with his hands.

Doggy Style

The woman crouches on all fours, taking her weight on her hands, while her partner enters her from behind. While the woman can press back into him, the man is in control of most of the movement.

The Lustful Leg

The man and the woman both stand facing each other. The woman starts by placing her leg on the bed so the man can enter her. Once inside he can slowly help her to raise her leg onto his shoulder

The Side Saddle

 The woman sits across him with her legs on one side of his waist and her hands on the other. As he penetrates her she can slowly open and close her legs, while making swivelling motions to drive him wild.

The Queen Position

 The woman straddles above her partner placing her private bits over his face. This is the ideal position if you want full control of an orgasm and the woman can move back and forward to control the intensity of the pleasure.

Splitting Bamboo

The woman lays on her back with one leg stretched out and the other resting on her partner’s shoulder. The man straddles her thigh, while holding on to her elevated leg to balance himself.


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