Luvvibes' Top 3 Sex Toys for Men

5 Nov 2019

Luvvibes: Discover our Collection of Male Sex Toys

Although female sex toys like the rabbit vibrator are more well-known, there are plenty of amazing male sex toys on the market.

Luvvibes have plenty of sex toys that are ideal for men, with a whole section dedicated to this type of product. Whether you’re flying solo or looking to share experiences with your partner, Luvvibes can help you find the most exciting sex toys on the market.


Cock Rings

Cock rings, which can be worn around the penis, restricting the blood flow to produce a much more powerful erection- and one which lasts much longer. It can also be worn upside down to stimulate the testicles.

Male Vagina Masturbators

The Luvvibes Male Vagina Masturbator, which has highly realistic lips, can deliver the most explosive orgasm ever.

Anal Toys

Anal toys which are ideal for exploring this area of the body, including the Luvvibes Prostate Massager which promises maximum pleasure every time. The prostate is one of the best erogenous zones on the male body. Even when it’s not directly stimulated, it is part of your sexual response, so imagine how powerful it is when stimulated! That’s why prostate massages can be so incredible. At only £8.99, this sex toy is highly affordable and a great way to start your collection.


Why not check out our collection of male sex toys today?

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