Need Some Sex Spiration!

6 Jul 2019

At one time or the another, every couple will have to deal with the fact that they will have less sex or have less enthusiastic sex.

These spells are normal, but still, they can cause friction and pressure for couples which may start to raise questions about the relationship.

Whenever you notice this, there are simple steps you can take to spice up your sex life.

These few tips can help you:



By the time you start to notice a lack of sexual intimacy, don't ignore it.

Look for a quiet place and the right time to communicate with your partner, discussing your worries and fears instead of pointing fingers and accusing each other. By doing this, you will automatically eliminate the blame game and start talking about how to find solutions as couples.

Communicating with your partners can solve a lot of problems in a relationship like unsatisfactory sex, communication can also improve sexual health.

Communication is essential. And when you can't resolve issues of disappointing sex like early ejaculation immediately, you can always discuss how to introduce sex toys into your sex life to spice things up.



In as much as sex is psychological, it is also physical and requires a lot of energy. Regular exercise will improve one's libido by making the person stronger, reducing the rate of fatigue, and helping the person to keep the shape. Regular exercise will also stimulate the production of dopamine the feel-good hormone, which lifts one's spirit and sexual desires.


Mix Things Up in the bedroom

If you intend to spice up your sex life, then make sure that you always come home with one or two elements of surprise when having sex. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one big surprise or change. You can simply just mix things up a little.


You can mix things up by doing something like this:

Come up with a new style or sexual position. If you don't know much too many sex positions you can watch porn for different styles and try new things with your partner and together you will discover the best positions that suits you.

Talk dirty; naughty talks can be productive as it can be a massive turn-on for your partner. Even telling your partner how much you are enjoying the sex can also be a turn on especially if you are used to being quiet before.

Make love to your partner outside the bedroom. Don't always have sex in the bedroom; it will become boring in the long run, do it in a random place if you don't have kids around you can do it in your sitting room, dining after you finish eating, even a very fast quickie while she is busy in the kitchen. This will spice up your sex life beyond imagination.


Seek Professional Help

Some sexual issues go beyond just spicing things up in the bedroom. Mental health issues can impact a couple’s sex life, such as illnesses like depression and anxiety. These can have a detrimental impact on your sex life so seek the help of professionals to ensure you get the right help before things get too bad!

Here at Luvvibes we stock a wide range of sex toys that you can experiment with, and you can also try different sex games to spice your sex life. Discuss this and add sex toys to your menu and it will taste different from the regular boring sex.


Apply these few steps and spice up your sex life.

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