Meditation and Masturbation is what you need!

19 Mar 2020

Talking more and more now about our mental health and helping others deal with their mental health is not a taboo topic anymore. We need to be more vocal on how we feel, and we need to help others feel like they can express their emotions and feelings to avoid hitting that low spot.  

Which brings me on to my next point, do you masturbate? Maybe you masturbate often, once a day, or once a week, or maybe you only masturbate every now and again. Maybe you don’t masturbate at all! The good news is for those masturbating regularly you are boosting your self-esteem and enjoying a natural pleasurable activity whilst also exploring your sexuality. If masturbating is helping people feel better about themselves then we really need to put the word out there that this is normal and good!

Going back to my first point on mental health – it won’t fix everything, but it will surely help contribute to feeling good about YOU and helping YOU relax.

Click here and read how masturbation and depression is related and how hormones such endorphins and oxytocin are all positive factors to your health and wellbeing. We think meditation and masturbation should be a thing of 2020. Fuse these two words together and we get “Medibation”.

Selfcare is critical and we have got a few selfcare Medibation tips to help you reach your best chilled self and feel pretty good about yourself. Check out our article 7 Steps to Medibation and start making YOU feel good.

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