Luvvibes Sexual Bucket List

21 Jul 2016

Here are 50 sexual must-do’s Luvvibes think are a must before you die!

We’ve all heard of the bucket list, right? And we all know they consist of really fun things like flying a plane, running a marathon or doing a tandem skydive all before you die.

Here at Luvvibes, we agree that these are fun but considering how much fun having sex is we have put together our very own 50 sexual must-do’s before we kick the bucket.

Our bucket list is steamy and sexy and for all to take part, whether you are single or in a kinky loving relationship.


1. Have sex with some you’re in Luv with

2. Have anal or give Anal

3. Have a threesome

4. Engage in group sex

5. Have phone sex

6. Masturbate together

7. Use a Luvvibes vibrator

8. Use a Luvvibes sex toy on someone else

9. Be tied up

10. Tie someone up

11. Have sex in a public space

12. Go skinny dipping together

13. Have sex in a car

14. Have sex at a drive-in car park (whilst its busy)

15. Have sex with a stranger

16. Have a one-night stand (If you're single of course)

17. Have sex in forest

18. Have sex in a bath

19. A 69er

20. Read erotica stories together

21. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game

22. Sex in the shower

23. Sex standing up against a wall

24. Perform a striptease

25. Have sex in the pitch black

26. Have sex in the broad daylight

27. Send a naked picture

28. Watch porn together

29. Watch porn alone

30. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms

31. Have sex on the beach

32. Use our Luvvibes blindfold

33. Using ice sexually

34. Sexual roleplay

35. Use whipped cream

36. Go to a restaurant with no underwear on

37. Have sex in every room of your home

38. Have sex with someone much older

39. Give or receive a Luv bite

40. Have sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner

41. Have a quickie somewhere daring

42. Kiss in the pouring rain

43. Have sex in the ocean while people swim all around you

44. Use feather ticklers

45. Have sex using alcohol and food

46. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone

47. Have silent sex with others in the house

48. Have really LOUD SEX!!

49. Have sex in front of a mirror

50. Go on a dirty weekend  away (Jam-packed with Luvvibes essentials)

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